Digital gift card received on e-mail, sms or print

Giffti is a simple method of delivering gift cards. It allows to deliver a gift in a few minutes, without the hassle of storing and searching for a plastic card, without the stress associated with trying to choose the perfect gift.

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After clicking the "Payment" button, you will be directed to the payment gateway. The payment operator is the Paylane service. Then follow the messages appearing on the page. Our system supports the following payment cards: VISA, MasterCard. Your card details are not stored on our server in any way and are only used to make payments. The purchased products are in digital form and will be available after payment.

Remember! In order for your VISA / MasterCard card to be accepted, your address details must match those on which the payment card is registered. We accept only 3-D Secure secured cards! 3D Secure is an additional layer of protection for your online payments. This solution has been introduced by financial services organizations such as Visa or MasterCard, as well as banks. If your card has the 3D Secure option enabled, you’ll be asked to do an additional verification generated by your bank. If your card has the 3D Secure option disabled, we’d strongly suggest that you contact your bank and activate it. It’ll increase the security of your money. This service is free.

Simply choose amount to buy an e-card, and then send it as a gift to the e-mail address provided. A person gifted after receiving the "GifftiCard", exchanges it with a card or an e-voucher available in the catalog on our Rewards page.

  • Delivery time: immediately when payment will be accepted
  • Digital gift card on address e-mail, sms or print
  • Date of expire: 36 months
  • Card without re-loading